You know Diwali is right around the corner when every Indian home is in a tizzy of excitement in preparation for the most festive time of the year. Pretty much this is a much needed break from the cacophony of life and all you great guys deserve to cultivate festivity and celebration in the days of your life.

This festive season is extrmely conducive to celebrate the opalescence of life. Talking of opalescence, aren’t the colours red and orange a visual treat! So here we are to walk you through a very sanguine scarlet collection for this festive season.

For both the outfits, we went for the traditional colours of the Indian culture. One of them is a beautiful combination of solid colours while on the other hand, the other outfit has amazing work on it with the same colours. So, here we are with two different kind of looks for this festive season.

This look is on a traditional yet classy side. The work on this floor length gown is really amazing and it has beautiful patterns all over it. The red and orange work on it is really standing out on the beige colour. Since this is a high neck gown, I have paired it with heavy earrings. So, if you are attracted to patterns, beautiful prints, chikankari work go for an outfit like this and you are gonna rock the Diwali look.

Now, this look is a combination of a beautiful solid red blouse with a solid orange skirt with the same colour dupatta. This combination of solid colours is really soothing to the eyes and is perfect for a traditional Diwali look. I paired it with a choker necklace and a maang tika which is an highlight of the look. So, if you like solid colours, go for such outfits.

So here’s wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali. Stay safe and rock your Diwali outfits. Tag us in your Diwali looks. 

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Be safe with Peesafe.

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. So, here we are with our new blog featuring Peesafe.

Personal hygiene is a very important topic for us especially toilet etiquettes. At home our toilets are squeaky clean and germ free but sadly the situation is not the same when we go outside say a restaurant or when travelling. We girls generally avoid using public washrooms because the environment is unpleasant and unhealthy and wait until we get home. But you must respond to nature’s call. So, the Redcliffe Hygiene have come up with Peesafe, a toilet seat sanitizer spray that safeguards from the deadly germs and bacteria while using the toilet. So, even travelling would become easier for women now. This product can of course be used anywhere, it is a must have. Even if the washrooms are constantly cleaned, it isn’t germ-free, so we recommend all the girls out there to use Peesafe.

It can fit in the smallest of your bags!

Peesafe can be used in 4 easy steps:

1. Shake the can thoroughly.

2. Spray on the toilet seat and any other area that you want to sanitize.

3. Wait for just 5 seconds. The spray evaporates and sanitizes the area.

4. The toilet seat is 99.9% germ-free and safe for use.

It is a must have product for hygiene purpose, quite inexpensive and travel friendly ! Peesafe not only cleanses but also sanitizes and deodorizes too! After having used Peesafe, we would absolutely recommend it. Peesafe is easily available online. We hope this blog was helpful and informative.

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Party Look Book!

We’re officially obsessed with 2017’s hottest color trend – burgundy. Shades of burgundy with it’s deep red and purple undertones always feel right for fall. Call it merlot, oxblood, or maroon, this luscious berry tone flatters every skin tone and pairs well with just about every neutral, from camel and navy to grey and black. On casual separates or festive party attire, burgundy is one fashion trend we’ll never get tired of.

If you’ve seen our Instagram lately, then you know we’re currently obsessed with everything MAROON! It is the perfect balance between a deep purple and rich burgundy. This has been our go-to color for fall! Whether we’re searching for a nail polish, lipstick, sneaker, or sweater, I am always on the hunt for maroon. There are tons of great products in this color right now.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a little thing called oxblood (and no, no animals were harmed in the making of this article). You may be a little confused by the name, but we’ll break it down for you — call it maroon, call it reddish-purple, call it whatever you want, but the dark, sultry shade has been taking the streets (and the racks!) by storm, and we are so on board. We’ve been big fans of burgundy (that’s the name we’re going with) when it comes to wine for decades years, so it’s only natural that the hue should make the jump to our wardrobes.

It’s such a beautiful color to incorporate into just about any wardrobe, and in today’s post we’re going to show you our take on burgundy for a party look.


This gorgeous off shoulder burgundy dress is from the very famous store, MissaMore! It’s elegant drape up style will definitely turn heads where ever you go! It’s attached cuff detailing on neck adds a edgy choker hint to the dress. The material, Cotton Lycra gives it a perfect fit.

Here’s the link to purchase the Draped In Shape Dress from MissaMore!



Now, for another look..

We decided to go with a combo of black and burgundy.


We paired a Black knitted crop top, that has a stylised V-neck with an overlapping detail on the front, cap sleeves & panelled construction from Myntra with a Burgundy Plated Skirt from StalkBuyLove


Link for Black Crop Top:




Now the Burgundy Plated skirt is already sold out! So, we have another option for you guys here!




Divisha: And, if you’re anything like me you’ll totally get it why I added a denim jacket to it! Being comfy is the key, you guys! I love being relaxed and comfortable So I’m kinda obsessed with my Denim Jacket lately (which is from MissaMore as well)


Hope you liked our way of styling as much as we loved doing this for all you lovelies!

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Your support and love is all we need!

Until next time!

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17-07-21-01-17-38-639_deco1Hey guys,

If there’s one thing that we know about monsoon is that it’s gloomy and often threatens to take the fun out of our fashion games. Monsoons can be beautiful or dirty, depending on what you do about it – sulk or celebrate. Nothing should be stopping you from loving the season if you know a few monsoon basics. So what are you waiting for ? Take out that dress from your wardrobe, while we give you a couple of handy tips to tackle the naughty rains.

Monsoon is the time for shades of blue, green, yellows and all the earth hues. Above all, multi-hued dresses look particularly chic in the rains. It is better to avoid the thick clothing material and go for the light ones. Restrict your makeup to the minimum and use waterproof products. Go for an uncomplicated hairstyle. Its best to keep it free and messy.

Since the monsoon is on its peak, we just thought of experimenting with the shades of the season, that is BLUE 💙. 

Processed with VSCO with k1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset



Outfit details are up on our Instagram!

So guys, we are rocking the monsoon with our killer outfit ideas. Are you? If not, then go and create your monsoon look and tag us in your pictures on instagram and facebook. Its always a pleasure to hear from you guys. Lastly, Thankyou to each and everyone who responded to our blogs and motivated us. ✨

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Photography :

shivani_dubey_photography & rk_photography_d7000

Lots of love from BWB ❤
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Olha que chique👜

When life gives you twist and turns, chique yourself up !


Hey everyone,

Hope you guys are doing well. We had this blog pending for a long time so here it goes!

This Blog represents the word chique! We personally believe that’s how we really are at heart and that’s how we define our style! We chicaaaas love to go dressy and elegant! Isn’t it?

here we have two outfit ideas for the same:

The first look is rugged yet classy ! Pastel Pink crop top and Light Ripped Blue Denims complement each other perfectly. We added a stylish black clutch to the outfit to make it complete. Also, nude high heels are the highlight of the outfit.

The second look is the bold and quite classy. The black net bodysuit paired with denim skirt is perfect for a party look. The net stockings paired with black high heels add a sexy vibe to the outfit!

Create you own looks and tag us on instagram. Thanks to each and everyone who reads and appreciates our blogs. We hope you guys like it.

Happy Monsoon. Have a nice day ❤

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Simplicity is the key note of all the Classy!

Hey people,

We know how confusing it is for us girls to decide what to wear whenever we have to go out with friends, to the college or any simple gathering. So, this time we have come up with a simple yet stylish look that every girl can carry on a daily basis.

We digged into rajasthani, ethnic outfits lately and paired two different types of pallazos with a red boho top and a simple black tank top. To make this simple look more attractive, we added some accesories to it. And here is how we styled our fusion look.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


We chose this look for our blog because it is quite reasonable yet looks classy when you go out dressed up in an indo western outfit.  You can even purchase our outfits at Instagram Handle: @thedressnextdoor

Also, this Boho DreamCatcher accessory is available NOW at @thedressnextdoor (Instagram) 

Lastly, thank you to each and every person who saw our previous blogs. We got feedbacks and views from various places and we really appreciate it❤️

 Lots of Love x


Gauri and Divisha

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Oversized Clothes is the new classy ❤



Hey guys 💓 hope you all are doing good. Thanks to each and everyone who saw and appreciated our previous blog. And so, here we are with another blog post with an interesting concept.

Our blog this time revolves around the over-sized trend.  People often feel that oversized clothes are useless, but only a few of them know that they can be styled in various attractive looks. We grabbed a tshirt from our brother’s wardrobe and oh, just look at us :

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



Processed with VSCO with f2 preset



Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

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Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

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We styled the oversized tshirts in two ways –

  1. Tie a knot on the side of the tshirt and fold the sleeves.
  2. Tuck your tshirt in the jeans (or any bottom that you like) and fold the sleeves or pull up the sleeves on your shoulder.

You can also :

  • Tie a belt around your tshirt and pair it with a skinny jeans.
  • Wear it as a tshirt dress, if the tshirt is long enough, and pair it with long boots or your favourite pair of sneakers.
  • Make it off shoulder on one side if the neck is broad and you are good to go.

For outfit details, go check out our INSTAGRAM page –



PHOTOGRAPHY – Shivani Dubey (shivani_dubey_photography)




Keeping It Casual with Dungarees

Let’s Keep It Casual This Summer! Dungarees are back 

A pair of dungarees is surely a cool way to get through the burning heat of the season.

Hey, Cuties !! This is our first blog and so we decided to go with something casual yet funky for our first post, i.e. Denim Dungarees.

We are all up for Dungarees !! obsessed with them. They don’t just go in summers, but even in winters. It is one of the ultimate go-to-vintage looks and has been around for a while (since 17th century).

Today, dungarees are available in various styles, be it a Shorts Dungaree, Mini Dress Dungaree or Full Length ones. And Yes, not to forget, The rugged Dungarees

And Here is how we styled them for you guys,

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset



You can also style them with :

> Oversizes t-shirts

> Polo t-shirts

> Off shoulder tops

> Crop tops

> Spaghetti tops

And during the winters you can go for sweatshirts and pullovers 😍

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Just go to the link below.

Instagram; @thedressnextdoor


Tag us on your dungaree outfit posts on Instagram @bloggers.without.borders ; we’re always looking for extra styling inspiration! Or if you have any tricks or tips of your own leave us a comment.

We’re just getting started

Love x

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